Saturday, June 20, 2009

Is that what I think it is?

Oh my an actual update? Sorry things have been just a little crazy lately. We did move into our house in Spring. I love it here. It was a very easy transition it seems. We are still somewhat unpacking. The same weekend we moved in we found out we are expecting kiddo #2. Luckily I am passing out of the first trimester and I am finally starting to feel better. We find out next month what we are having. Everything looks good so far. I am due in December. We are very excited.

My little brother has been visiting us for the last 2 weeks and will be here for about 2 more. He is moving to Langley, VA in July for 2 years. It has been really good spending time with him. Kaley just adores her Uncle Jon. They are best buddies now.

Kaley oh my where to start with what she is doing now. We are starting to get real words. The rest is still gibberish but slowly we deciphering the toddlerese. She is getting really big and I can't believe she will be 2 soon. She loves playing in the sprinklers in the back yard. She loves the backyard as well. I think that might be because there is a lime tree back there that gives her "balls" to play with, silly girl.

Ok, time to run gotta clean the house and run errands.