Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Its been a long crazy week

Is it sad that its only Wednesday and I am so ready for this week to be over? Monday my laptop, that I have only had for about 6 months, had a hard drive crash and now it doesn't work. Hence the lack of updates. I took the laptop to Best Buy since it is still under warranty so that they could fix it. They told me over the phone and in the store that they usually carry the part needed in store so it should only take 3 days. I can handle 3 days without my laptop. They then called yesterday and said they didn't have the part in the store and they would have to ship the laptop off to HP to get it serviced. Now we are looking at 2 weeks with out my laptop. Factor in Thanksgiving and it might be a little longer. Luckily we still have the desktop and Brandon has his work laptop. So we have created a temporary fix until my laptop is returned to me.

I jinxed the whole sleeping through the night thing by talking about it. Out of the past week we have had maybe 3 or 4 "good" nights of sleep. The others were just terrible. I am pretty sure Kaley is teething and that is not helping matters. She threw an all out screaming fit this weekend. She is congested and snotty, I have become her human kleenex. I know the weather isn't helping with the sinus problem. It feels like its 80 one day nad 50 the next. I'm dealing with the same thing right now too. I feel like crud today. I am ready for her to be over what is bothering her. I want my happy kid back.

I was in Target the other day to pick up a few things. I decided to give a walk down the the toy aisle to see if anything caught Kaley's attention. On the endcap there was an Elmo Live doll. This is a $60 Elmo that talks and moves. I hit the button and Kaley started giggling at Elmo. It was really cute.

Next week we are going to San Antonio to visit Brandon's parents for Thanksgiving. We are planning to take Kaley to the zoo while we are there. Since Kaley gets so excited around animals this might be a really fun experience for her. I can't wait to see the look on her face. I will be sure to post pictures of our adventures.

I need to run and clean the kitchen while Kaley is napping. Hopefully I can update again soon.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chasing a Toddler

It is definately hard to update when chasing a toddler. Kaley is getting more confident in her walking. She is even trying to run, sort of. She still falls but it seems to be more walking than crawling right now.

We went to Houston this weekend to see some family. Sunday Jonathan left to go to basic training for the Air Force so everyone got together for a meal. It was nice to see everyone but it was a long day. It took us over 2 hours to get to the Woodlands because we ran into traffic that caused the highway to be closed down for a major wreck. We then had to take another way and it was a little bit longer. We also had to fight gameday traffic and RenFest traffic. The meal was good. Kaley seemed overwhelmed by everyone in her space too quickly. She is definately shy and needs to warm up to a situation. Once she relaxed she had alot of fun. It took another 2 hours to get home.

Sunday we cleaned and relaxed. The weather Monday made me want to stay indoors and cuddle all day. I was shocked this morning when I got up. Kaley has not been sleeping through the night for a while. I put her to bed around 7:30 last night and I did NOT have to reenter her room until 6:50 this morning. This is huge, I usually have to go in a few time. She wakes up when she loses her pacifer. I hope I am not jinxing this by talking about it.

Today we missed MoPs because I overslept. I guess my body was making up for not getting a full nights sleep in over a year. I went and got lunch and Kaley ate a good bit of my sandwich. She took a good nap. After naptime I decided Brandon needed some quiet to work so I went over to Ally's house to let Kaley play with Jay for a little while. Kaley and Jay actually playe really well together when they weren't fighting over toys. We "decorated" sugar cookies. That really means that Kaley ate the sprinkles and threw cookies around. We had to give the kiddos a bath after all that fun. I didn't have another set of clothes for Kaley so she just ran around in a diaper for a little while. Jay pulled out his Elmo costume and I put it on Kaley. He started giggling at Kaley. She reminded me of Boo off Monsters Inc. It was super cute. Then went went outside and Kaley played in the driveway and street wearing only a tshirt and diaper. No shoes or pants. She was half crawling half walking the whole time. It had cooled off since I had first arrived at Ally's. We headed home and I cooked dinner. Now its raining pretty good outside and Kaley crashed out for the night at 7. She was tired from all her playing today.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bedtime, Climbing, Standing, Laundry and Swings

Last night Kaley decided even though she was tired she wanted to play before bed. She was all over the living room carrying the book and laughing. Those poor books are so abused, the covers don't lay flat anymore.

Today when Kaley was playing in her room she spied her shoes on the dresser. She has this crazy desire to eat her shoes. I was ok with it when she was not walking but now she has ground germs on the shoes. This little girl to too smart for her own good. She couldn't reach the shoes on her own so she pulled out a bottom drawer enough to stand on and tried to climb up her dresser to get the shoes. I stopped her just in time and she threw a huge fit about it. I think I might have a climber on my hands. She tried to climb out of the bathtub last week. I wonder what happens next.

With the starts of walking this weekend Kaley had not figured out she could stand on her own until today. This morning she just up and did it and then kept doing it all day. It was super cute to see her stick her rear in the air to stand up.

This afternoon I had to get some laundry folded. Kaley is the Mommy's Little Helper. Only she doesn't fold just yet. She is really good at unfolding things I folded 10 seconds before. She pulled all the laundry out of the basket and the went after my recently folded shirts. I managed to snap a picture before she came after the camera. Notice that on top of making a mess of the laundry she has destroyed the living room.

I decided with all of her toddler antics that we should go play at the park today. So I called Allyson and she joined me at the park with her 16 month old son Jay. When I put Kaley in the swing and started pushing she started squealing and laughing with joy. It was absolutely adorable. Jay then tried to show Kaley how to play on the jungle gym. They played for about an hour and then we headed home. Kaley fell asleep in the car before I even reached our place. Sadly I couldn't let her sleep since it was too close to bedtime. She wasn't happy about that but got over it quickly when she got her milk.
We are sitting here watching the election coverage. I think I might turn it off soon.

Monday, November 3, 2008

We have a Toddler

Kaley turned 13 months on Saturday. I guess she decided she wanted to be "real" toddler. It started with her actually starting to walk. Since mid-September we have gotten a few steps here and there. Saturday she just busted out walking halfway across the living room. If she fell she crawled to a point she could pull up and then walked again. This continued for the rest of the day. Sunday and Monday were more of the same. She is gaining confidence with every step.

Then she discovered the windows.

I have started having to raise the blinds so she doesn't tear them up. She gets so excited to look out the windows. The view isn't that great but she has fun.
We have 3 teeth with another to cut any day now. The combination of her cutting teeth and allergies caused an ear infection. We knew something was wrong when she spiked a fever of 104.6, we got her into the doctor that day. He prescribed some augmentin and we went on our way. This was her first ear infection and first round of antibiotics. We gave her the meds, even had to go so far as mix it in yogurt so she would take it. We were almost done with the meds when she broke out in a rash all over her body. I emailed the nurse and she said it was most likely a viral rash and not to worry. That was Tuesday, on Friday she started getting hives. I freaked out, this happened while I was out running errands. I called the doctor and they said to give Benadryl and call back Saturday if the hives were still there. We ended up taking her to the doctor Saturday and they said she most likely has a penicillin allergy and that we should just avoid those meds. The hives have subsided and she is back to being herself.
I will update again later, I need to go straighten up the disaster zone that is the living room before B gets home.