Monday, November 3, 2008

We have a Toddler

Kaley turned 13 months on Saturday. I guess she decided she wanted to be "real" toddler. It started with her actually starting to walk. Since mid-September we have gotten a few steps here and there. Saturday she just busted out walking halfway across the living room. If she fell she crawled to a point she could pull up and then walked again. This continued for the rest of the day. Sunday and Monday were more of the same. She is gaining confidence with every step.

Then she discovered the windows.

I have started having to raise the blinds so she doesn't tear them up. She gets so excited to look out the windows. The view isn't that great but she has fun.
We have 3 teeth with another to cut any day now. The combination of her cutting teeth and allergies caused an ear infection. We knew something was wrong when she spiked a fever of 104.6, we got her into the doctor that day. He prescribed some augmentin and we went on our way. This was her first ear infection and first round of antibiotics. We gave her the meds, even had to go so far as mix it in yogurt so she would take it. We were almost done with the meds when she broke out in a rash all over her body. I emailed the nurse and she said it was most likely a viral rash and not to worry. That was Tuesday, on Friday she started getting hives. I freaked out, this happened while I was out running errands. I called the doctor and they said to give Benadryl and call back Saturday if the hives were still there. We ended up taking her to the doctor Saturday and they said she most likely has a penicillin allergy and that we should just avoid those meds. The hives have subsided and she is back to being herself.
I will update again later, I need to go straighten up the disaster zone that is the living room before B gets home.