Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bedtime, Climbing, Standing, Laundry and Swings

Last night Kaley decided even though she was tired she wanted to play before bed. She was all over the living room carrying the book and laughing. Those poor books are so abused, the covers don't lay flat anymore.

Today when Kaley was playing in her room she spied her shoes on the dresser. She has this crazy desire to eat her shoes. I was ok with it when she was not walking but now she has ground germs on the shoes. This little girl to too smart for her own good. She couldn't reach the shoes on her own so she pulled out a bottom drawer enough to stand on and tried to climb up her dresser to get the shoes. I stopped her just in time and she threw a huge fit about it. I think I might have a climber on my hands. She tried to climb out of the bathtub last week. I wonder what happens next.

With the starts of walking this weekend Kaley had not figured out she could stand on her own until today. This morning she just up and did it and then kept doing it all day. It was super cute to see her stick her rear in the air to stand up.

This afternoon I had to get some laundry folded. Kaley is the Mommy's Little Helper. Only she doesn't fold just yet. She is really good at unfolding things I folded 10 seconds before. She pulled all the laundry out of the basket and the went after my recently folded shirts. I managed to snap a picture before she came after the camera. Notice that on top of making a mess of the laundry she has destroyed the living room.

I decided with all of her toddler antics that we should go play at the park today. So I called Allyson and she joined me at the park with her 16 month old son Jay. When I put Kaley in the swing and started pushing she started squealing and laughing with joy. It was absolutely adorable. Jay then tried to show Kaley how to play on the jungle gym. They played for about an hour and then we headed home. Kaley fell asleep in the car before I even reached our place. Sadly I couldn't let her sleep since it was too close to bedtime. She wasn't happy about that but got over it quickly when she got her milk.
We are sitting here watching the election coverage. I think I might turn it off soon.