Monday, March 16, 2009

She is just too smart...

So one of the things we were hoping would wait a little while longer has happened. Kaley has figured out how to get out of her room. The doors in the duplex don't latch correctly and if you push in on them they will open. This wasn't an issue until she figured out that she can pull on the handle and get a grip on the side and pull it open. I watched her do this yesterday after I put her in her room and sat in there to see how she got out. Yesterday morning I was greeted by Kaley coming into our room and pulling my blankets off of me. At first I thought Brandon was messing with me. When she came out of her room from her nap I figured out she was just too smart. The move cannot come soon enough.


Stephanie said...

Oh my! That's soo cute. It was such a shock when I found out that Kaleb could open the pantry door. He used to not be able to even reach the handle, and now he's successfully opening it!! *sigh* They grow up sooo fast!!