Monday, February 16, 2009

I haven't forgotten about you.

Things got a little crazy last month. We started searching for a house in Tomball. Let me tell you viewing houses an hour away with a toddler is no fun ordeal. The dvd player helped tons to keep Kaley somewhat happy in the car. We learned that she loves Mary Poppins, granted she likes just about any musical. With that being said we are in contract on a house now. Provided everything goes well tomorrow with the inspection and there are no hiccups on the way we will be closing at the end of March and moving sometime the beginning of April. I cannot begin to tell you how ready I am to move. The sheer idea of Brandon getting to spend more time at home rather than driving 3 days a week is a great one. The house is just 10 minutes from where Brandon works and the neighborhood seems really nice. So keep your fingers crossed that nothing happens to this sale.

Kaley is getting so big now. She runs and plays games with us all the time. She still isn't really using words but she is always "talking". We also had to move her to a big girl bed earlier than we planned because her crib broke. She actually took to the change very well. She has fallen out of the bed a few times but for the most part I think she likes the freedom. This is how a found her the few nights after the transition. Now she automatically crawls in her bed when she is tired. Now we just have to hope that she transitions just as well when we move. I think she will do fine. I think we also will try to cut out the pacifiers after we move.

I am off to bed. We have to get up really early to drive in for the home inspection tomorrow. I will keep you updated as we start gearing up for the big move.


Mandi said...

Adorable picture! Good luck today!