Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Finally an update

It feels like the holidays arrived and things got a little crazy around here.

We went to spend Thanksgiving with Brandon's family this year. We arrived in San Antonio on Tuesday and went back home on Saturday. It was a nice visit. We decided to take Kaley to the zoo for the first time while we were there. She enjoyed it although towards the end she started getting tired since we were encroaching on nap time. I believe she passed out in the car on the way back to the house. Here are a few of the cute pictures we took.

I decided last week that Kaley really needed a trim for her hair. She had some hair that did not fall out after she was born. It was really long and always in her face since she has started fighting me pulling it back. You can look at the zoo pictures to see what I am talking about. She did ok while I cut it. It started curling after I trimmed it. She looks so much older now. My baby is growing up.

It started snowing here in Texas last Wednesday. We woke up and there was a little on the roof and cars. Then later in the afternoon it really started coming down. It left a few inches on the ground before bed that night. We didn't get to let Kaley play in the snow since she was a little congested, we didn't want to risk getting her sick. I did take her outside and hold her while it snowed on us for a minute. She didn't really notice the snow.

Yesterday we met Mandi and her Kaylee at Casa Ole for lunch and then went shopping at Target. I needed to get Christmas and Birthday presents for the nieces and nephews. It didn't take too long to get everything we needed and I came in under budget. When Brandon was on his way home I started dinner. Kaley didn't want to play in the living room while I was doing this so I had to give her new "toys" so that she would stay occupied. I snapped a few pictures because it was just too cute.

Isn't her outfit just too cute. The boots made me smile.
Last night Brandon wasn't feeling well and today he isn't much better. I am hoping the weather change is just making things crazy with him. He is napping while Kaley and I are watching Aladdin on the Disney channel. I hope he gets better soon.
Next week we are driving to Arkansas to visit my extended family for Christmas. It should be interesting to be in the car that long with an almost 15 month old. I'm looking forward to seeing some family that I haven't seen in a few years. Some of my family has not met Brandon or Kaley. Here is to hoping the weather doesn't get bad while we are there.
Ok need to go make lunch.